desensitization technique

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a technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety

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During free time, the in vitro desensitization technique can be practiced.
Dentist based techniques include distraction techniques, prosthodontics techniques and pharmacological management whereas patient based techniques include desensitization techniques which include marble technique and controlled breathing method.
The good news: there are dentists that have the proper experience and necessary training to treat children with special needs; and dental education courses on the early signs of decay, dental options and desensitization techniques for special needs children are being offered in the classroom/online to dental students.
Likewise, exposure therapy is effective because it encourages patients to reprocess the trauma in a controlled, supportive environment that often links negative traumatic experiences with pleasant thoughts and ideas - especially when reciprocal inhibition or desensitization techniques are used.
Being able to predict resolution is important not only to reassure parents and guide treatment, but also because immunotherapy desensitization techniques being developed by Dr.
Pup Puppy and Dog Training, in Berkeley, California, for demonstrating counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques. For contact information, see "Resources," page 24.
Treatments covered include desensitization techniques, therapy groups, medications, and complementary therapies.
Desensitization techniques are highly effective in these situations.