desensitization procedure

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a technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety

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When the desensitization procedure is conducted in the actual presence of the feared object or situation, the desensitization is said to be conducted "in vivo," or "in life," as opposed to being conducted via one's imagination or through photographs, etc.
Robert Moore, PhD, describes this process as "?TIR is a regressive desensitization procedure for reducing or eliminating the negative residual impact of traumatic experience." It is a one-on-one guided imagery process.
-- Patients with ovarian cancer who have a hypersensitivity reaction to carboplatin can be successfully treated with cisplatin without a lengthy desensitization procedure, Dr.
HSR is thought to be a Type I hypersensitivity Ig-Emediated reaction as the patients develops HSR after multiple infusions of oxaliplatin.[10] Readministering oxaliplatin to patients with HSRs has been attempted using several methods, such as using prophylactic agents (i.e., hydrocortisone and antihistamines), extending administration time, and using desensitization procedures.
In one report of 71 desensitization procedures in 19 individuals with CF, antibiotic courses were successfully completed 58% of the time (Burrows et al., 2003).
Interestingly, the authors attributed the changes in his behavior not to the desensitization procedures but to the information he obtained during treatment--probably the first time he'd ever had straight answers to his questions (Klepac, Lander & Godding, 1984).