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Synonyms for desensitising

making less susceptible or sensitive to either physical or emotional stimuli

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Effect of desensitising toothpastes on dentinal tubule occlusion: a dentine permeability measurement and SEM in vitro study.
The hypothesis among the experts was that pornography was progressively desensitising these men sexually," the Daily Mail quoted her as writing.
Could the rise in televised voyeuristic nature programmes be responsible for desensitising some of us to the suffering of animals in the wild?
INCREASED violence in video games is desensitising the youth of Scotland.
Animal behaviourist Ian Hall will give tips on desensitising pets to noise and helping to reduce stress at a special seminar later this month organised by Triple A Resort and Care Centre on Follingsby Lane, Washington.
The US Patent 6,773,695 claims a method of desensitising allergic patients to an allergen where the allergen is directly administered into the lymph node.