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treated with contempt

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Among the desecrated graves was that of Sergeant Peter Bilsborough, whose niece, Julie Watson, 63, was at the cemetery to pay her respects.
He pointed out that for 23 years, many administrations had come and gone without giving due consideration to completing the mausoleum and on the day of its commissioning, ohanaeze desecrated the memory of a worthy son of Igboland.
THE morons who desecrated the RAF Bomber Command statue and four other London memorials will soon be caught.
ISLAMABAD -- Indian troops Thursday harassed the family and mourners and desecrated the banners of martyr, Syed Rubaan Shah in Shopian district.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The French embassy in Tehran announced on Sunday that strengthened security measures have been adopted around the Iranian mission in Paris after supporters of a terrorist group attacked and desecrated Iran's flag on Friday evening.
According to the lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Kansas City, someone who resembled a ranger or groundskeeper had reported to the employees' association that a group 'dressed in Muslim garb' had a US flag 'desecrated with IS symbols.'
MINGORA -- An anti-terrorism court here on Wednesday awarded life imprisonment to a man who desecrated the Holy Quran.
Mass graves, where the bodies of Jews slaughtered by the Nazis and their allies were buried, are increasingly being desecrated by looters hoping to find gold teeth or jewelry among the skeletons of Holocaust victims.
What do we call the desecrated Libingan ng mga Bayani now that Ferdinand E.
Private NOVA TV station on Monday reported that participants had desecrated two flags, one of the EU and one of NATO, thrusting them with a flag of Bulgaria, throwing them to the ground and waving another one of Russia.
These forces also ransacked the property of the residents and desecrated a Masjid too.
CAIRO, Aug 15 (KUNA) -- Egypt condemned on Monday provocative act of radical Jewish settlers who desecrated the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, storming its courtyard by the hundreds while protected by the Israeli occupation forces.
HEARTLESS thugs who desecrated the grave of one of the nation's first leaders WT Cosgrave were slammed yesterday.
Summary: The grave of one of Syria's most popular rebel leaders has been desecrated by ISIS militants who object to tomb markings as a type of blasphemy, anti-regime activists said Sunday.
Janey Croall, who father's memorial was damaged, said "Whoever did this has desecrated these graves.