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Synonyms for descry

Synonyms for descry

to perceive and fix the identity of, especially with difficulty

to perceive, especially barely or fleetingly

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

Synonyms for descry

catch sight of


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"With novel pattern-recognition processes, desCRY rummages through digital photos and videos in search of illegal content, no matter how well-hidden it may be," Nickolay said.
Indeed, innocence is predicated throughout Pifer's text as a lure that it is the modern novelist's task to dismantle: peering beyond the veil, we must descry the `reality' however dark.
we should descry at least 50,000,000 of Nigritians, steeped in irredeemable ignorance and savagism; inhabiting the very countries where history first finds them....
The moon's gone: but his Sight after a few moments adjusts To the underbrush's intricacies Of shade, the high overcast's Smooth smudged charcoal, the upflung Foliate antennae edging more sharply Their arched life form, as he treads along Its track to the cliff-top, to descry The northern ness's distant chalk-face Now an almost livid non-pallor, And West the sleek panther-black sea's Slow pulse....
These countries are unable to descry any technical linkage between the two-stage cut in the cereals intervention price and a parallel reduction in monthly increments.
They are even less inclined to believe that they can apprehend reality via theory (any theory), that they can descry the future, or that their texts relay to the reader anything other than plausible stories.
From the waist down, it was all scaly fishtail; above, one might at least descry the lineaments of the female sex in its misshapen dugs.
under, in truth: all that starch: could you even descry
We live in a curiously contradictory age where young women yearn to be supermodel slim but live off a fast food diet that makes obesity a very real threat; we descry previous eras for holding back women but today's ladette extravaganza surely destroys any chance of individualism among them; we talk seriously about encouraging the young away from drugs, drink, cigarettes, fast food and unprotected sex and in the next breath pride ourselves on being a selfconsciously tolerant society where a party atmosphere is positively encouraged.
Moses takes Afrocentrism and its history seriously as religious fervor and myth, but he never sees in it the evil racism some of its opponents (e.g., Mary Lefkowitz) descry. For Moses, Afrocentrism and Egyptocentrism are "usually harmless and inoffensive, if sometimes extravagant, folk traditions." He qualifies only the rare Afrocentrist, a Leonard Jeffries or Ron Karenga, as paranoid or dangerous.
And for those who like to descry private motives behind public acts, I'll add another two to the original four: Vaslav Nijinsky.
But then, to do honor is a major reason for studying and learning history, and those are activities akin to worship, through which we may descry God with us.