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a description (at a given point in time) of a language with respect to its phonology and morphology and syntax and semantics without value judgments

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In 1971 Professor Berndt again invited Wilf to give a term's lectures in descriptive linguistics and Aboriginal languages at the University of WA.
Descriptive linguistics in America first concentrated on Native American languages from the 17th century onwards, but became a scholarly pursuit only with Whitney and Boas; Murray describes this tradition with a great deal of informative detail (pp.
More specifically, they are concerned with the questions of how to apply research to classroom situations effectively, how to shift from a corpus-based descriptive linguistics towards a corpus-based pedagogy for language teaching and learning.
The Manual introduces basic descriptive linguistics, the Semitic language family, and the field and several of the techniques of comparative linguistics.
Subhadra Jha's 1941 paper is, to the best of my knowledge, the first synchronic study of the phonetics and phonology of Maithili according to the principles of modern descriptive linguistics.
Forensic linguistics has come of age and, like other mature areas of applied linguistics, is now beginning to raise new and exciting research questions for descriptive linguistics.
As a dynamic and attractive framework within theoretical and descriptive linguistics, it proves to be one of the most exciting areas of research within the interdisciplinary project of cognitive science.
Kirsten Malmkjaer: Descriptive Linguistics and Translation Studies: Interface and Differences.
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