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an adjective that ascribes to its noun the value of an attribute of that noun (e

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When any or all of the items (demonstrative, numeral, and descriptive adjective) precede the noun, they (i.e., those that do precede) are always found in that order.
TV commercials make all sorts of noir allusions, and the term itself is a journalistic descriptive adjective. Film noir endures not only as a style and a genre (it is both) from yesteryear, but continues to influence contemporary moviemaking.
It's a descriptive adjective. Kawawa nga (Such a pity)," Sotto said.
It turns a descriptive adjective into a defining noun and can make the subject sound distant and foreign, like theyre something else first and a person second.
compounding in Orhon inscriptions are formed of adjective + descriptive adjectives and descriptive adjective + relatative adjective.
THE descriptive adjectives used by far Left political activists has always provided me with a source of amusement.
I apply three ideas from Lessing to Keats: first of all, his notion of an economy of descriptive adjectives (functioning as epithets); secondly, his notion of narrativized description; and finally, the notion that poetry literally organizes language spatially.
The ESOL teachers developed a curriculum that would help their students learn what they would need to tell their own stories; for example, lots of descriptive adjectives, Ms.
Appendices list action verbs, descriptive adjectives, and qualifying adverbs.
"Totally" habitually is applied to descriptive adjectives in an attempt to enhance them.
There are far more descriptive adjectives and far more cutting ways to hurl an insult than resorting to the usual four letter single syllable words.
With more than 2,000 colourful and descriptive adjectives in our rich language, is it not time for a little imagination.May I suggestwe take the losers to the McDonald's recruiting office via the hole in the wall at Adjective Bank.
Then an assessment of the level of compensation is determined to conclude with descriptive adjectives of "Noncompensated", "Partly
Here, radiance, brilliance, light, dazzle, and blaze are as much descriptive adjectives as they are aspects of style (whether literary or artistic), used by both the ancient writer and the ancient viewer.
Since I have concentrated on a narrow idea of adjectives, that is, descriptive adjectives only (Dixon 2004: 1), only adjectives have been considered for my analysis so that other elements such as nouns premodifying other nouns have been excluded from my counts, thus provoking a clear decrease in the number of tokens to be studied.
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