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a rapid mover

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a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension

electronic equipment that makes speech unintelligible during transmission and restores it at reception

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In a letter to UPA, Hansen noted: "Descramblers circumvent security mechanisms that cable operators put in place to protect their programming.
The company says the unit allows manufacturers to move product in specified batches to descramblers, boxes, or silos.
A site called the Gallery of CSS DeScramblers showcased 24 of these artifacts to demonstrate the difficulty of drawing a sharp line between software functionality and expression.
Bernie Rietkerken, account manager for Irdeto Middle East based in Dubai, said his company provides security for virtually most Pay TV broadcasters through cards that are installed in descramblers as well as software that is installed in TV boxes.
To those viewers in the Italian territory who wish to receive all free channels, Tivu Sat provides descramblers [smart-cards] at no charge.
The platform offers the following benefits: a universal and cost-effective architecture suited for a one-to-many strategy; high performance at low power consumption in all functional modes; an integrated PMU for a simpler system design, efficient power consumption and longer battery life; no unnecessary hardware duplication; as well as embedded descramblers for all conditional access (CAS) protected content.
[section] 605(e) (creating misdemeanor fines and sentencing for unauthorized use of communication scrambling such as satellite descramblers); Int'l Cablevision v.
For example, some of the spam the Catholic Diocese was getting was pushing illegal descramblers that allow viewers to watch cable programming they have not paid for.
Howard Carmack was convicted of fraudulently purchasing hundreds of accounts on its service to mail out advertisements for get-rich-quick schemes, miracle cures, software and cable TV descramblers.
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