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Words related to descender

someone who descends

a lowercase letter that has a part extending below other lowercase letters

(printing) the part of lowercase letters that extends below the other lowercase letters

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Six of the charges relate to a descender - the piece of equipment that Eva was using when she plunged to her death.
Wavy Top Wavy Top (a) Parapher (b) Parapher Shape of Bowl: D D Shape of Top Stroke: Wave Wave Shape of Bottom Stroke: Upward hook ((none)) None Shape of Descender: Straight (left lean)((left hook) Left lean Figure 2.2: Paraph measurement profile (mm) for Wavy Top (a) and Wavy Top (b).
The 12km downhill run to the finish line after the final categorised climb of the day looks to be key, though, and it might be the right time to pick a star descender.
This is why the [14] Emergency Descender ($50) from Primal Treestands is worth a look.
Two recent citizen-science studies of descender devices explore where we stand in the effort to help deepwater fish survive barotrauma, the potentially fatal physiological condition caused by coming up from the highly-pressurized deep water after being caught.
Graham was able to maintain his lead over the top of the second hill, but on the downhill back to the finish Annan and District Athletic Club demon descender, Adam Anderson managed to get past his friends so, the Hartfell club had to settle with first female and second male.
Their gear, including harness, descender equipment, vests and helmets, 'are branded (and of good) quality,' he said.
Activities available to try on the day are skiing, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, jungle challenge, archery, zip wire and fan descender. It starts at 10.30am and runs until 3.30pm.
A great control for your winch system, this self-braking descender has an anti-panic function: if the user pulls the handle too hard, it will automatically stop the descent.
VINCENZO NIBALI (Astana) The demon descender, nicknamed the Shark, timed his attack to perfection, slipping away for the first Tour stage win of a career which saw him finish third to Sir Bradley Wiggins and Froome in 2012.