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someone who descends

a lowercase letter that has a part extending below other lowercase letters

(printing) the part of lowercase letters that extends below the other lowercase letters

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Furthermore, Wavy Top (a) primarily uses a straight descender whereas Wavy Top (b) uses a descender with a left lean.
Chris Skinner, prosecuting, said the couple had bought the descender from an auction following the closure of the Millennium Dome.
The Descender M-50's dual-axle, 20,000pound trailer can be towed by a one-ton or larger truck.
It wasn't until she arrived in GreatYarmouth that she was told shehad to comedowntheropeusingthe circus's own descender instead.
At the time, environmental health officers removed a descender, a device used to carry performers down rigging, from the circus tent for examination.
Me consuela pensar, luego de haber leido las declaraciones recientes del coordinador de la bancada del Parti do Verde, que la clase politica mexicana "ya toco fondo", que es imposible descender un peldano mas en este abismo.
One device was the descender, which allows the camera to drop on a cable from great heights at a quick clip.
They are an Emelle Descender and an Apollo mountain bike.
Asi las cosas, mientras comienza a descender el mercurio en partes de Sudamerica, y mientras se mantengan las temperaturas polares en los edificios empresariales, la gripe seguira observando un crecimiento saludable.
Attached to the belt is a nylon container about the size of an ammunition pouch that holds a descender, carabiner and 80 feet of 5mm rope made with Kevlar in the center, surrounded by a nylon shell.
Vic Armstrong took home a certificate for the refinement of the Fan Descender, which controls the freefall of stuntmen.
The bike, worth pounds 180, is yellow with Generator Descender written in red on the frame.
The height is measured from top of letter to bottom of descender.
Limited tenders are invited for procurement of slithering rope and figure of 8 descender
En su admirable libro Living in Truth, Vaclav Havel escribe: "En los nuevos tiempos debemos descender hasta el fondo de nuestra miseria para entender la verdad, tal como uno debe descender al final del pozo para ver las estrellas".