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Synonyms for descant

a decorative musical accompaniment (often improvised) added above a basic melody

sing in descant

Related Words

sing by changing register


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talk at great length about something of one's interest

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Besides cutting and installing screw rings for the various Conn bells, I was building special models such as the Conn 12D and the Holton H200 descant horns in my shop.
He took part in two categories at the Penistone Competitive Music Festival, the under 13s where he played solo violin, and under 18s where he played descant recorder.
There are two types, treble and descant. They regularly perform at school assemblies and lots of fun plays and festivals.
Featuring Mike Kuchar of Doeren Mayhew, Ben Westcott of Andrews Myers, Charles Comiskey and Dennis Descant of BCH & Associates, Mike Aubuchon of Frost Bank and Pat Kiley of Kiley Advisors, the panel highlighted three areas to watch:
"'The Sailor's Hornpipe' fits almost exactly as a descant over 'Eternal Father, Strong to Save.' And the second half of the tune of 'Nativity' is identical to that of 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,'" says Drinkell.
Oxford Magazine, The Prose Poem, Southern Poetry Review, Descant
DON'T list other achievements if they're not relevant to the application (learning the descant recorder age 8 is unlikely to get you a job as an engineer, but knowing some programming languages might)
Later, when she started tossing around the word "descant," I was baffled again until a fellow alto revealed that it is when, during the song's final verse, a few of the sopranos lift their voices away from the rest of the others, up high, in counterpoint to the melody.
"Vocal Descants For 101 Noteworthy Hymns" is a stunning collection of 101 soprano or tenor vocal descant lines for popular and well known hymns.
I might add that the contortions of Goodbrand's inclusive language provide an amusing descant to what is otherwise a tragic tale.
Seductive tones and rhythmes (enhancing "the sensuality/of text"), combined with sculptural formats, unite the images evoked in the inner eye with thoughts and feelings that together yield both pleasure and wisdom: "the gleam of/unmapped realms/in blues and burnt sienna;" the gallery awash with/polyphony/and descant voice of rose."
His encounter with Miss Clark - which admittedly seems to have made a deeper impression on him than on her - came in late 1950, when he was 15, and is recounted in his autobiography: "I was invited to appear on a radio programme hosted by the comedian Ted Ray, where my fellow guests were two promising teenage singers named Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark: Petula's memory is obviously not as good as mine, for when years later I reminded her of our meeting on that show, she had no recollection of it!" And having stood directly behind him at Pat O'Sullevan's memorial service last week, I can vouch that LK Piggott can still produce a soaring descant like the best of 'em.
The former teacher, from Bebington, beat some tough competition from other entrants to take the top spot with her carol Stars Across the Sky which she penned on manuscript paper complete with an optional descant.
"As Muslims, Christians and Jews: We hold beliefs that more or less descant from the same origins.
The passengers from Down Under appreciated the cushioned suspension even more on the return journey - after a 12-mile coastal hike - judging from the snoring descant in the back!