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remove salt from

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Since May, we are arranging water tankers to carry the desalted seawater to locals.
The chemical compositions of fermented, desalted, and finished cucumber pickles produced with the typical, NaCl-dependent commercial process and the alternative Ca[Cl.sub.2] brining process are shown in Table 1.
The system has 300 nanoliters of C18 media immobilized at the bottom of each well, so samples can be digested, desalted, and concentrated without being transferred between devices.
The salted whey passes through a nanofiltration plant in order to be desalted before remixing with the sweet whey for evaporation.
That base has existed on desalted water ever since.
Moreover, because desalted wastewater can be recycled through the environment and reused as a drinking water source--a process already being used in southern California--the new tools would enable water authorities to trace the relative contribution of desalted water in their system, and to test the effectiveness of their water treatment processes.
A pipeline carries a river of freshwater 200 miles inland to the capital city of Riyadh, and desalted seawater has given a large region an entirely new future filled with opportunities.
Spain's Valoriza Agua has designed and built more than 100 plants with a total production of 1.7 million m[sup.3]/day; desalted water making it the sixth largest company in the world in terms of contracted capacity of desalinated water for the period 2006- 2013
Right now the microchannels, about the size of a human hair, produce about 40 nanolitres of desalted water per minute.
Users can specify the premixing of 2 - 6 standard desalted DNA oligos, in a single tube, according to the individual specifications provided.