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remove salt from

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Also he said that they have decided to build barrages at Chundikulam and two others at Thondaimanaru and Navatkuli respectively to stop the sea water flowing into the Vadamaradchy Lagoon with the view to gradually desalinize the lagoon.
He said, "Dabaa is a locale not susceptible to earthquakes, there is little population around it and it is near the shore so you can desalinize water.
Lomborg says that we do not have to worry about running out of fresh water because we will be able to cheaply desalinize ocean water.
Key examples include the broader usage of reverse osmosis/membrane systems to desalinize seawater for human usage, the trend towards replacement of chlorine and other water treatment chemicals by advanced oxidation and other emerging physical and mechanical technologies, water-saving drip irrigation systems for more efficient agriculture, a wide spectrum of recycling technologies, and new packaging systems for moving freshwater from regions of abundance to regions of scarcity.
Abundant but costly to desalinize brackish to saline ground water is available in the Tularosa Basin north of the Hueco Basin in New Mexico.
A plan to transport and desalinize ground water in Australia by long distance pipelines using PV powered DC driven pumps has been proposed by Lonrigg[1].