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remove salt from

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The purpose of this research was to conduct field tests in a part of the lands located in the south plain of Ahvaz in Khuzestan Province to desalinize soil profiles, and to find a suitable model for estimating the depth of leaching water needed for improving soils in the region.
Besides this, she said 2 reverse osmosis plants have been installed 1st of their kind to desalinize highly saline groundwater in the Cholistan, with desalination capacity of 0.
He said, "Dabaa is a locale not susceptible to earthquakes, there is little population around it and it is near the shore so you can desalinize water.
Lomborg says that we do not have to worry about running out of fresh water because we will be able to cheaply desalinize ocean water.
A plan to transport and desalinize ground water in Australia by long distance pipelines using PV powered DC driven pumps has been proposed by Lonrigg[1].