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the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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D scholar says various methods such as growing forests and building underground water channels were used in several parts of Pakistan for desalinisation of underground water.
The Sur plant uses the reverse osmosis (RO) process for desalinisation, in which salt is separated from the water using membranes.
As electricity and water desalinisation sectors account for most of the natural gas consumption in Qatar, the rise in consumption is being driven by increasing demand for electricity and water.
The investments focus on LEDs, carbon reduction, water treatment and desalinisation technology, energy exploration and micro marketing.
This follows an announcement from President Michelle Bachelet earlier this year that the government would be looking into building desalinisation plants, as well as investing $170million ([pounds sterling] 108million) to access underground water sources, build and upgrade canals and improve irrigation systems.
The Indian Government has granted a loan of USD 20 million to Mauritius, for the implementation of several projects in Agalega, namely for the airstrip, the harbor, water desalinisation plant, production of electricity, and the stocking of fuels.
Truetech and Innotech, which operate under similar ownership, produce magnesium-based heating pads for self-heating meals, self-heating meals, beverages and soups, as well as chemical agent detection and decontamination kits and seawater desalinisation kits.
The comments highlight the scale of Saudi Arabia's ambitions to boost renewable energy use as a way to pare back on oil consumption used for domestic desalinisation and power plants, potentially saving 523,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day over the next 20 years.
Meanwhile, in February, Saudi Arabia signed a bilateral cooperation treaty with France to develop nuclear energy, including electricity production and water desalinisation.
The Wonthaggi desalinisation plant [UniSuper is an investor in AquaSure, a consortium building a AU$3.
Going undercover at research facility QMK, Ruth Evershed discovers the Chinese are searching for Jiang Lee, a scientist who has discovered a desalinisation technique worth a fortune.
The area, which falls within SBA territory, already has an Electricity Authority power plant and a large desalinisation plant nearby.
For the last 30 years we used to rely on 80 per cent groundwater for the whole country for drinking, agriculture and industry, and 20 per cent from desalinisation,Ao he said.