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remove salt from

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Don't wait until you need it to find out the SEIE suits have problems and the desalinators do not function properly.
The submarines that have SEIE (submarine escape immersion ensemble), modification also have PMS FR 4-08 MIP 5940/001 for maintenance of the desalinators.
After working for Smith Barney in London for a year, Sullivan decided to strike out on his own and manufacture portable desalinators for use on ships and life rafts.
The company's PUR brand began with a desalinator to support the victims of shipwrecks.
The LT Series desalinators incorporate a number of features that makes them extremely user friendly.
As part of my final article I have included a message, for deck division, that directs the removal of manual reverse osmosis desalinators and requires action.
"It was strategically advantageous to ensure Braco's full capacity was dedicated to our desalinators line, for which orders are outstripping fabrication capacity at present."
For application in the sector of irrigated agriculture, some of these water sources stand out, such as saline and brackish waters, common in semi-arid regions (Lacerda et al., 2011), agricultural drainage water (Oliveira et al., 2012), rejects of desalinators and wastewaters (Porto et al., 2001; Medeiros et al., 2008).
Additionally, their operations are 100-percent solar-powered, and their water is filtered by solar-powered desalinators.
Sand filters, electrostatic precipitators, reverse osmosis desalinators and UV sterilizers work together for pure water, bacteriologically suitable to be the basis of superior quality lotion.