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remove salt from

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Mr Joho wants two international firms, from Spain and Switzerland, who won a tender to desalinate the Indian Ocean water, to sign an agreement.Water and Natural Resources executive Fatma Awale did not reveal the cost of the project but said the plants would be producing at least 130,000 cubic metres of fresh water daily.
Muscat: Oman plans to desalinate ocean water using solid municipal waste as fuel, senior officials of the Sultanate's waste management agency said.
"Water desalination can be accomplished without electrical energy input or high water pressure by using a source of organic matter as the fuel to desalinate water," according to the researchers.
said Wednesday it has signed an agreement with Qatari and Belgian companies to set up a joint venture to produce electricity and desalinate seawater in Qatar's Ras Laffan industrial city.
One producer is generating power with a diesel unit to desalinate water for the fields, and spends over US$20,000 per month for fuel and maintenance.
Al Tayer said that DEWA intends to desalinate all its water powered by a mix of clean energy that uses environmentally sustainable energy by 2030.
By WINNIE ATIENOA Spanish and a Swiss company have been awarded a multi billion-shilling tender to desalinate sea water in Mombasa.
"Thus the use of alternative, sustainable, reliable sources to produce electricity and desalinate water reduces reliance on hydrocarbons C* extends the lifespan of hydrocarbon resources and preserves it as a source of income for a longer time," it added.
said Monday it has landed a Saudi Arabian order for high-tech membranes to desalinate seawater.
The Finance Ministry had previously put a $400 million price tag on the plant, which will use reverse-osmosis to desalinate seawater from the Mediterranean.
OTEC uses the temperature difference between deep and shallow waters to desalinate warm surface water, which evaporates and then is cooled for desalination.