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transfer from ecclesiastical to civil possession, use, or control


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Previous studies have shown that humor and satire are the only genres in which Holocaust motifs have been desacralized. However avant-garde it may have appeared, such desacralization was actually part of mainstream remembrance, functioning as "a new voice in Israeli Holocaust commemoration" (Zandberg, 2006, p.
If rabbinical accounts of the Septuagint are to be believed, the translation was feared and resented by the Jews from the outset (Seidman 38-39; 101-02; 283)-and justly so, because it set in motion a process that led to the dilution of their cosmology within a universalist dynamic that ultimately desacralized the world.
According to Henry, Korean nationalists condemned the desacralized use of palace grounds, the exploitive representation of Korea, Japanese economic dominance, and imperial neglect of Korean welfare.
McLuhan, she says classifies Eliade's desacralized man as literate man even more unequivocally.
At the same time, he argues that myths "recycled" by fantasy can be desacralized (separated from the sphere of sacred beliefs to which they frequently belong), distorted, and wrongly interpreted.
The "misappropriation" of these names for commercial enterprises and products not only distracts from the achievements of historic persons and importance of heritage sites, he said, but also sends out the message that their names can be "desacralized, privately owned and used to enrich private interests."
mockery and will see her royal image desacralized by the base
For him, the aftermath of this loss resonates profoundly in today's desacralized world where there can be no more meta-narratives, only an abject belief in the "myth of material progress." Despite these bleak judgments, however, Waller takes exception to Marina Warner's assertion that "the Blessed Virgin has been emptied of moral signficiance in the modern world" (205).
He begins by examining two sets of the truth, and the truth of each truth, then turns to Auerbach's mimesis, Simone Weil between Homer and Christ, truth from Virgil to the modern era, fiction desacralized, and finally, the real reason for Don Quixote's madness.
Buckingham exemplifies this process throughout his speech, remaking official sanctuaries, like the one that currently shelters the Queen, into desacralized spaces, already corrupted because too likely corruptible, and at the same time substituting his new version of sanctuary, made sacred by little more than his word.
According to Bataille, "the world of things" is desacralized, utilitarian reality is created in the process of formation of the Man as a subject, in the process of useful industrial activity.
Sonic may find this desacralized discourse refreshing after o er a certain of Ku (ICS (piIgrimages.
The particular characteristic of anthropocentric culture is that it is not oriented to any reality beyond man himself, and regards "human self-consciousness as the highest divinity." (4) In consequence, social institutions as well as moral and aesthetic values tend to become desacralized, uprooted from any spiritual foundation, and reflective of purely worldly themes and purposes.
Notwithstanding the salutary elements of Kuyper's ecclesiology, it occasionally veers in an individualistic and desacralized direction--the same side of the road that evangelicals tend to run off.