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transfer from ecclesiastical to civil possession, use, or control


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The initiation script is doubled, therefore, at another level of interpretation, by this search of meaning and coherence in a world that seems void, desacralised or abandoned (itself a fatherless world).
Klein's article offers a detailed and rigorous analysis of the uneasy transition from the "affective power" (144) of medieval mappaemundi to the "disembodied, desacralised and entirely secular spaces of the New Geography" (144).
Nevertheless, for Truth to prevail in its struggle with Error, society now had to be desacralised and clerical institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church to be abolished.
The distractions and dislocations of exchange value open, through bourgeois false consciousness, onto a hall of mirrors in which novelty is homogenised and art is desacralised: 'the flaneur's last journey: death.
The notion of transition from a world of cultic observance, appealing through the senses, to a religion of non-ritual or even anti-ritual forms set in a desacralised world, is accurate in general terms, yet it is also clear that there were many 'Catholic survivals' within Protestant culture.
In this `museological era' all had struck it lucky in objects; there was a bonanza for merchants of the sacred, and a golden age for scientists to mount desacralised things in glass cases for collectors.
(i) General: Actaeon myth, desacralised religous theme.
Living in a society that has alienated itself from the sacred, in a desacralised history, implies that contemporary time triggers permanent revolts and contestations, and that revolt becomes "an essential dimension of man." (79) In Kenzaburo Oe's novel, the village in the valley turns into the centre of a universe where violence takes the form of rebellion and death.
They also effectively desacralised the significance of hair.