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16 Smug; 15 Errs; 14 Nice; 13 Kiln; 12 Pink; 11 Help; 10 Dash; 9 Stud; 8 Rues; 7 Bear; 6 Kerb; 5 Yolk; 4 Baby; 3 Verb; 2 Derv; 1 Spiral: Word
Facts Main organisers DUPLAYS For more information contact: Ravi Bhusari: 050-3524506 or Derv Rao: 050-5137167 or mail
The DI-D unit with turbocharger and intercooler was the first Mitsubishi diesel in Europe to feature direct injection technology, with the result of improving fuel economy by up to 15% compared with the previous2.8-litre derv burners.
DIESEL car fans might be interested to know that Alfa Romeo is selling derv versions of the Alfa 147 at the same price as corresponding petrol versions.
'Diesel registrations have risen for 45 consecutive months with a third of all new cars in June derv powered.'
Sport versions featuring the likes of spoilers and side skirts, lowered chassis and 18inch alloy wheels follow in November and 1.6-litre petrol and derv engines are due by early 2005.
The diesel version is so refined you and your passengers would never know it runs on derv.
16 Odds; 15 Trio; 14 Fact; 13 V, 13= K, 12= W, 11= C, 10= A, 9= O, 8= Tiff; 12 Omit; 11 Oslo; 10 Limo; 9 U, 7= T, 6= I, 5= D, 4= N, 3= B, 2= M, 1= Evil; 8 Wise; 7 View; 6 Derv; 5 Codeword: Road; 4 Ewer; 3 Tine; 2 Vest; 1 Bear.
In some areas, hapless motorists are being forced to pay PS1.60 a litre - or PS7.26 a gallon - for derv.
This gives this big car a theoretical range of up to 590 miles on a tank of derv.
The latter makes a sensible choice, developing a broad spread of torque for reasonable acceleration, yet can stretch a gallon of derv past the 50-mile mark.
The latest batch of Renault Clios comes fitted with a modest-sized four-cylinder unit of just 1461ccs that is boosted by the latest derv technology and multi-vane, variable-nozzle turbocharging to up the oomph to 100 brake horse.
Megane models have been doing the rounds since 1996 when launched initially in five-door hatchback and three-door coupe style with 1.4, 1.6, and two- litre 16-valve petrol engines to go with a pair of 1.9 derv burners.