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Synonyms for dermic

of or relating to or located in the dermis


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Not all inoculated volunteers develop dermic lesions but digestive symptoms tend to coincide with marked egg excretion and eosinophilia (Carrol and Grove, 1984a).
Then we performed a skin biopsy, whose histological examination revealed a thick fibrous dermic band associated with an increase in fragmented elastic fibers and deposits of calcified material, which was ejected over the skin through the infundibular ostium (Figs.
Initially inoculations of spreaders, 3-5 tillers in a row, were carried out by hypo- dermic syringe method using aqueous uredospore suspen- sion to which 1-2 drops of Tween-20 were added to break the surface tension.
floribundum against acneinducing bacteria was determined, as well as their cytoprotective and antioxidant activity against 3T3 dermic fibroblast cells.
It is considered a particularly suitable carrier for dermatological preparations applied to the skin or in the external ear, since it is well tolerated, easily absorbed and spreads to the dermic layer allowing an optimal absorption of the active principle.