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disorder involving lesions or eruptions of the skin (in which there is usually no inflammation)

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Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies of IgA class in neutrophilic dermatoses with emphasis on erythema elevatum diutinum.
The purpose of this study was to observe the prevalence, age and sex distribution, topography and the clinical morphological presentations of linear dermatoses occurring in paediatric age group.
Nos membros inferiores, as dermatoses mais comumente relacionadas com essa condicao sao as micoses superficiais.
Also known as herpes gestationis, this is the rarest of the dermatoses of pregnancy, affecting only one out of every 2,000-60,000 women (Ambros 2011).
Many pre-existing dermatoses may be exacerbated or ameliorated by pregnancy.
There is a particular opportunity for the distillation of information when biopsies of facial dermatoses are considered.
Les participants auront l'occasion de debattre, durant deux jours, les 21 et 22 fevrier 2014, de differents sujets d'actualite, notamment des nouveautes dans le traitement de l'Acne, l'actualite sur le psoriasis, la mesotherapie et d'autres dermatoses ayant un lien avec la dermatologie esthetique, des peelings ou encore des produits de comblement.
Similarly the skin has a limited range of reaction patterns and so many different dermatoses have lesions which appear similar.
Erosive pustulosis of the scalp is a diagnosis of exclusion; therefore, other conditions, including malignancy, infection, neutrophilic dermatoses, and autoimmune blistering disorders, must first be excluded.
These tight garments induce various dermatoses along the waist in female patients.
Although some dermatoses of pregnancy are common, a pregnant woman's itching may have nothing to do with her pregnancy and could be the result of contact dermatitis, drug eruption, scabies, folliculitis, or another cause.
They cover common inflammatory and infective dermatoses ranging from eczema to fungal diseases to urticaria and rarer conditions like rashes caused by physical and environmental factors, tumors, connective tissue disease, travelers' dermatoses, and drug eruptions, with information on clinical features, differential diagnosis, systemic associations, relevant investigations, and immediate and long-term treatment, with clinical photos.
Apart from leprosy, it is used for various other infectious and non-infectious dermatoses as well as for prevention of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in HIV infected patients.
The cross- referenced chapters comprise mostly photographs and brief descriptions of the appearance of conditions in the following categories: pediatric dermatoses, widespread rashes, skin tumors, hand and foot dermatoses, facial rashes, genital and oral problems, scalp and nail disorders, skin infections and infestations, and leg ulcers and wound healing.