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a surgical instrument used to cut very thin slices of skin

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Data regarding the age, gender, age at onset, duration of disease at presentation, affected dermatome, family history, presence or absence of Koebner phenomenon and the presence of associated diseases was collected for each patient.
Despite the high rate of immunosuppressive conditions of our patients, cutaneous involvement of a single dermatome was the most frequent clinical manifestation.
The skin graft blades or dermatomes are widely adopted for skin graft procedures for extraction of a uniform patch of the upper layer of skin from the donor side.
By the way, the T4 dermatome is between your nipples, while said human parasite was the fluke worm - which, to be fair, could be Farage's nickname.
* Paresthesia: Pins and needles' along the affected dermatomes
In typical herpes zoster, lesions can be scattered outside the dermatome as well.
This case highlights a unique pattern of neoplasm development along a dermatome, an area of skin where innervation derives from a single spinal nerve.
Physical examination revealed 14 isolated comedones on the right side of the face, consistent with trigeminal mandibular branch dermatome [Figure 1]c.
Generally, loss of sensation to touch is several dermatomes lower than pinprick, which in turn is several dermatomes lower than cold.
Detailed cutaneous examination was done which included site of the lesions, morphology of the lesions, dermatome involved and disseminated lesions if any.
The onset and the duration of sensory block, highest level of sensory block, time to reach the highest dermatome level of sensory block, motor block onset, time to complete motor block recovery and duration of spinal anaesthesia were recorded.
Acupuncture meridian theory also serves no relevance as the EAV point is strictly transdermal, located in the dermatome. The electrical path of conductance is limited to the dermal papillary boundary layer and no more.
An 80-year-old female diagnosed with PHN presented with severe left intercostal allodynia and hyperalgesia up to the root of the fourth to tenth thoracic dermatome. We administered the well established first- and second-line specific medications for PHN, but treatment regimens were not efficient.
Herpes zoster (HZ) is a painful neuropathic condition which occurs due to reactivation of the latent varicella zoster virus (VZV) in cranial nerve or dorsal root ganglia, with viral spread to the affected dermatome, through its dermatome.