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the study of the whorls and loops and arches in the fingertips and on the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet

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Suresh BS, Raghavendra AY Variations in palmar dermatoglyphics among congenital deaf cases: a comparative study.
Objective of this study is to find out whether there are any statistical significant changes in the palmar dermatoglyphics patterns of the [beta]-thalassemia major patients in comparison with normal subjects.
Studies on families have shown that dermatoglyphics have a genetic basis but the number, type and interrelationship of genes concerned are not explicable yet.
Dermatoglyphic variations in five ethno-geographical cohorts of Indian populations: a pilot study.
The influences of genetic and environmental factors on early development are often reflected by the altered dermatoglyphics.
Forest reported that dermatoglyphics form a part of structural constitution.
Jaja and Igbigbi (8) in their work on the digital and palmar dermatoglyphics of the Ijaw of Southern Nigeria reported the ulnar loops as being the most prevalent digital ridge pattern type, followed by whorls, arches and the least being the radial loops.
Considering all the above factors and also the well-known relation of dermatoglyphics with the malady, the present study is undertaken to study these morphological characteristics, on group of patients suffering from Type II Diabetes mellitus, all coming from Udaipur Region.
this is evident from the clear resemblance of dermatoglyphics among related person.
Dermatoglyphics (Ancient Greek, derma=skin, glyphe=furrow) is the term applied to the scientific study of prints of skin viz.
Studies have shown a significant association between dermatoglyphics and some diseases, especially genetic ones.
At the time, morphological perspectives prevailed over variability in certain features such as dental characters and dermatoglyphics.
The skin markings over the hypopigmented macules were decreased and dermatoglyphics over tips of all fingers were not very prominent.
Fingers 2-5 were represented by bead-like remnants and there was distortion of palmer dermatoglyphics (Fig.
In Greek, "derma" equals skin and "glyphos" equals engrave, thus dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fringerprints.