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Synonyms for deriving

(historical linguistics) an explanation of the historical origins of a word or phrase

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Thus, regardless of the number of times the product is subsequently sold and incorporated into downstream products, its treatment as a cost of goods sold by everyone but its original manufacturer will preclude two taxpayers from deriving a production deduction based on the sale of that component.
If the individual deriving or creating a basic bibliographic record for ordering purposes is a paraprofessional, then he or she will also assume responsibility for bar code application and linking.
Engaged in the active conduct of a substantial trade or business in the CS of residence (other than the business of making or managing investments, unless by a bank or insurance company), and deriving income from the other CS in connection with (or incidental to) that business(47);
He received funding to develop a strategy for deriving stem cells from differentiated human cells.
We believe ACTC's technique for deriving stem cells without harming the embryo's potential for life can be an important consideration for the NAS as they form their recommendations to public officials," said William M.