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If a graphing technology is not available, the teacher might suggest verifying a selected path coordinate by the following method: select a point from the path, measure its horizontal distance, and calculate its respective vertical position using the derived function.
When [epsilon] [right arrow] 0, derived function is a second order parabola, and when [epsilon] [right arrow] [infinity], searched curve is running through all measured points.
Which component of the derived function should be changed to reflect this transformation?
The derived functions indicated that gypsum content is the dominant input to predict water retention at -330, -1000, -5000, and -15000cm.
g] are the dominant variables for predicted water content in most of the derived functions.
Everyday experience suggests that derived functions are extremely durable to the passage of time, as illustrated by the lifelong debilitating conditions experienced by persons with clinical anxiety (see Dymond & Rehfeldt, 2000; Friman, Hayes, & Wilson, 1998).
126), Blackledge (2003) has argued that Pavlovian processes cannot explain some cases of derived functions.
These results are consistent with a Pavlovian account of functional equivalence, and further underscore the lack of relevance of matching-equivalence concepts in explaining derived functions.
Utilizing the boundary element method, Lorentz is able to reduce the need for large input data, speed up response and solution time, increase the accuracy of derived functions of potential, and model open region problems with extreme efficiency.