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Synonyms for derived

stemming from an original source

Antonyms for derived

formed or developed from something else


References in classic literature ?
It is also argued that ideas, or rather ideals, must be derived from a previous state of existence because they are more perfect than the sensible forms of them which are given by experience.
All philosophy, even that part of it which is said to be based upon experience, is really ideal; and ideas are not only derived from facts, but they are also prior to them and extend far beyond them, just as the mind is prior to the senses.
Unlike ancient philosophy, it has been unaffected by impressions derived from outward nature: it arose within the limits of the mind itself.
1) Direct reasons, derived from analysis and its difficulties;
Their views, which are chiefly held in America, are in large measure derived from William James, and before going further it will be well to consider the revolutionary doctrine which he advocated.
The interests of this school are in general philosophy and the philosophy of the sciences, rather than in psychology; they have derived a strong impulsion from James, but have more interest than he had in logic and mathematics and the abstract part of philosophy.
His principal weight and influence in the republic are derived from this independent title; from his great patrimonial estates; from his family connections with some of the chief potentates of Europe; and, more than all, perhaps, from his being stadtholder in the several provinces, as well as for the union; in which provincial quality he has the appointment of town magistrates under certain regulations, executes provincial decrees, presides when he pleases in the provincial tribunals, and has throughout the power of pardon.
A derived injury is an injury directly caused by a primary injury that has already occurred to the body.
In other words a palindrome can be derived by moving the leftmost letter in a word to its right edge, e.
All selected soils are deep, basalt derived Bidar soil is moderately deep and the schist derived Hira and the limestone derived Shahabad soils are deep.
Conrad and his colleagues examined two groups of mice that involve myeloid derived suppressor cells, where the first group was infected with a rodent intestinal helminth to simulate a strong allergic response.
Our ability to deliver high quality and non-shellfish derived glucosamine products provides TSI with a unique global leadership position to readily supply, without any regulatory restrictions, competitively priced, and EU compliant (substantial-equivalent) glucosamine products.
After transplantation, the circulating placenta-derived ECFCs formed significantly more blood vessels in vivo than the ECFCs derived from umbilical cord blood, indicating not only that there are inherent functional differences between resident and circulating ECFC populations, but that the placenta-derived cells are more vasculogenic.
Prochazka presented results of a clinical study with bone marrow derived cells and preliminary follow up of the adipose registry study.
Estimates for the first three quarters of 2009 have been derived using seasonally adjusted industry data based on concurrent seasonal factors (seasonal factors for each quarter are derived using all available data over the last 10 years), and estimates for each quarter reflect the best quarter-to-quarter percent change for each industry.