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capable of being derived

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He said that derivable benefits of the project would also involve empowerment through shops and markets, milk, hides and skin production for export, police station and banks.
N/A indicates return periods not derivable using the GEV technique (see text).
where [Ks.sub.i] is the water stress coefficient on day i, derivable from SWC data.
Constitution--and indeed any form of limited government--rests on the understanding that there are permanent principles of political right derivable from a proper understanding of human nature, including the fact that humans are politically equal, and fallen, beings.
Let f([OMEGA]) be an application from C([[OMEGA].sub.0]) to [L.sup.1] (R); one defines its transpose from [W.sup.1,1] ([R.sup.N]) to [L.sup.1] (R) [bar.f] ([theta], x) = f((Id + [theta]) ([[OMEGA].sub.0])o(Id + [theta])) which we suppose to be derivable in 0 and L is considered as its derivative.
Assuming that there are N random and different samples ([x.sub.i], [t.sub.i]), where [x.sub.i] = [[[x.sub.i1], [x.sub.i2], ..., []].sup.T] [member of] [R.sup.n], [t.sub.i] = [[[t.sub.i1], [t.sub.i2], ..., []].sup.T] [member of] [R.sub.m], infinite and derivable activation function between N hidden layer nodes and any range g : R [right arrow] R, and value for SLFN within [a.sub.i] [member of] [R.sup.n] and [b.sub.i] [member of] R are randomly assigned, the formed hidden layer matrix H is reversible, that is, there is an accurate solution to the equation set, and the cost function E (W) = 0 .
The same is true of several pieces here -- both the calcified polystyrene sculptures (modeled on the tropes of archaeological artifacts) that comprise Theo Mercier's "Ghost," 2015, and Ziad Antar's "Derivable," 2014, a series of concrete statues of tarpaulin-draped statuary.
Also features is a thesaurus that gives two examples of easily derivable and meaningful word code equivalents of every number from 0 to 9,999.
The teaching note is usually longer than the case and requires particular attention since the analysis presented in the teaching note must be derivable from case data.
Studies suggest that a low level of ergonomics awareness may be due to the verity that Nigerians were not familiar with the benefits derivable from ergonomics.8
Accordingly, there are "regular" verbs with an infinitive derivable from the present stem by adding either -de or -i=re (p.
Second, measuring devices are special boundary conditions, and like initial conditions they are not derivable from or reducible to laws.