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While this is generally not derivable from the data collected in most appraisals, a shape should come to the appraiser's mind based on judgment and experience.
This deters benefits derivable from the audit budget at other phases (e.
One is to associate two states of affairs in a sequential temporal relationship, where one succeeds the other in time; another is to relate states of affairs in causal terms, where one member in the sequence is causally dependent on the other; and a third is to associate the relata in logical terms, where what "follows" is logically implied by and derivable from the other.
The benefits derivable from empowering the women folk are far reaching, starting with family advancement and ultimately touching on the national and global economic advancement.
The trend to larger data sets equates to additional information derivable from analysis of a single large set of related data, as compared to separate smaller sets with the same total amount of data, allowing correlations to be found to 'spot business trends, prevent diseases, combat crime and so on.
5) Beaumont captures this civic work, "different visions of free and equal citizenship can appear inevitable or fully derivable from 'first principles' of American constitutionalism now because of the extent to which reformers' civic ideals inescapably shape our present constitutional life and worldviews" (p.
Posner concludes his criticism of top-down theories with puzzlement over the assertion that they are derivable as an "analytical" matter, and that contrary interpretations of, for example, the religion clauses or the Due Process Clause are simply founded on " mistake[s]" or confusions.
Therefore, following up the success I had deriving the neutrino PMNS matrix, the CKM mixing matrix should be derivable by using the same geometrical method, i.
In a similar resonating of the statement derivable from the desperate note on which the documentary film Marikana Massacre ends, leader of the Democratic Left Front of South Africa Mazibuko Jara warns in an interview with Gerson (2013: 45) of a "rising tempo of workers' struggles that have taken place since the massacre at Marikana".
the marginal utility derivable from the goods that can be obtained with the given quantity of money or that must be surrendered for the required money, presupposes a certain exchange-value of the money; so the latter cannot be derived from the former.
The terms of controllability and observability of positive systems are not derivable from the known methods applied in general systems.
This protection has to be derivable in a concrete and direct manner.
One-individual or two- individual situation is generally adopted to simulate the interpersonal transport, and the results are thought to derivable to multi-individual situations.
Again, such problems are referred to the target function and its continuity or discretion, and whether it is derivable in all points.
The principle of fair and equitable access to outer space resources, including orbital slots and radio frequencies, should be included in the international outer space regime to ensure that all nations have secure and sustainable access to outer space and the benefits derivable from space assets.