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in a disrespectful and mocking manner

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So great was his emotion, that I felt sincerely sorry for him, while the two detectives smiled derisively, by no means displeased at this check which he had met.
Upon the top of the car was a brakeman, who shook his fist and swore; Jurgis waved his hand derisively, and started across the country.
Oh how we viewers would watch on derisively, every time someone said they were going to manage the build themselves.
The ruling on Friday by Judge Patrice Ball-Reed was a setback of sorts for the R&B star, whose attorneys asked that he be allowed into the building during overnight hours that are more conducive to creating music than what they derisively referred to as "bankers' hours." But that argument didn't persuade the judge who issued her original order after building inspectors found code violations.
The Coalition United of Political Parties (CUPP) on Tuesday morning derisively marked the birthday of the retiring Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, by cutting a birthday cake, a gesture the opposition said was to put an end to the era of excesses by the police boss.
In the 18th century people who cleared the peat were derisively called'Moss Lairds', and some even carved houses out of the peat.
class="MsoNormalRESPONDED DERISIVELY I must at the outset note that the August General Election was conducted by the Commission comprising the Commissioners and the Secretariat who by law bear joint responsibility.
He also alluded to being derisively compared to Shaggy from the cartoon "Scooby Doo," possibly implying that was what the student called him.
She arrived in Ghana on the first stop of her first solo international trip as first lady, a tour of Africa, a continent her husband has been reported to have referred to derisively. She will also visit Malawi, Kenya and Egypt.
I suggest to you a proposal, that you take your money that you invest in the State of Israel and build yourselves another Western Wall in the US," he said derisively.
'PCEC finds it completely inappropriate for our nation's president to derisively curse the God of the Christian faith, who is deeply worshipped not only by a majority of Filipinos but also by a vast number of people from all over the world,' the group said.
"PCEC finds it completely inappropriate for our nation's President to derisively curse at the God of the Christian faith, who is deeply worshipped not only by a majority of Filipinos but also by a vast number of people from all over the world," he said.
In early adolescence Kenneth was determined to become an Anglican clergyman; his schoolmates derisively nicknamed him "parson." In his 1964 autobiography, So Strange My Path, Cox remarked on "one very remarkable circumstance of my childhood from also as far back as I can remember, wherever I saw a Jew I felt an affinity with him and a strong desire to become acquainted with him.
Filipinos derisively refer to the loan sharks as 'Bumbay,' after the old name of Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra state on the Indian west coast.
I praise him for that, and for comforting all of us as a nation with the embrace of his sincere emotion--not "artful theater" as Coleman derisively labels it.