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  • verb

Synonyms for deride

Synonyms for deride

to make fun or make fun of

Words related to deride

treat or speak of with contempt

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Erdoy-an is trying to become a caliph," we say deridingly, but they believe it.
The key is coupling the steady advances of atomic timekeeping with quantum entanglement, the intricate connection of subatomic particles that is nearly as mysterious now as it was when Einstein deridingly called it "spooky" nearly 70 years ago.
The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision on the Affordable Care Act, deridingly known as Obama care by the law's detractors, was a shock to most political observers.
At the heart of the matter is whether or not Obama was even born on American soil, something that has long been a concern to a large group of Americans the major media has deridingly labeled "birthers.
some anarchists tend to 'hang out' at specific cafes, bars or bookstores, listen to conscious hip-hop, punk or other forms of political music, and even share an aesthetics of style) but this sub-cultural or what Murray Bookchin deridingly calls 'lifestyle anarchism' should not be conflated with the global anarchist movement.