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Synonyms for deride

Synonyms for deride

to make fun or make fun of

Words related to deride

treat or speak of with contempt

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Citing lack of corroborated evidence, the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the Jordanian of blasphemy and deriding Islam by cursing the religion of one of the sisters.
Thousands of words are now flooding in deriding the new whip rules with hypothetical notions of doomsday scenarios.
BOXING: David Haye yesterday renewed his attack on Wladimir Klitschko by renaming the heavyweight world champion "Bitchko" and deriding him as an embarrassment to boxing.
Miller High Life will run a series of one-second ads during Super Bowl pre-game deriding Anheuser-Busch for its extravagant Super Bowl ads.
Most of the "cultural" events could have been held without Liverpool being Capital of Culture as the city's previous hosting of the Tall Ships Race proves, and the opening Ringo concertwas awaste of the St George's Hall backdrop and proved something of an own goalwith Ringo's subsequent deriding of the city.
She accused the Government of "arrogance" and deriding reasoned opinion in their proposals to build up to 10 new settlements, mostly in rural areas.
Even when the interviewees turn hostile at various points in the video, deriding the artist's attempt to understand their lives and predicting that he'll edit the interviews to fit preconceived ideas about his subjects that are at best inaccurate, we are well aware that these tirades may or may not represent their actual views.
Patrick Guerriero, their current leader, is far more flexible and friendly than his partisan predecessor, who once took out full-page ads in major newspapers deriding our leaders for focusing on phony issues like discrimination.
3 e-mail to his supporters deriding Waxman as one the House of Representative's "most liberal members" and including information from Focus on the Family's "Sexual Health Analyst."
Moreover, Irish bards mocked "the low social status of the New English" (40), deriding them as parvenus, and they dismissed English as "a 'barbarous' tongue'" (39), echoing the jeers of their adversaries.
IN THE MARCH 4 New Yorker, Aaron Sorkin, executive producer of NBC'S The West Wing, referred to President Bush as a "bubblehead." The ensuing flap found commentators across the political spectrum cast in familiar roles: liberals deriding conservatives as dumb, ignorant boors and conservatives deriding liberals as egg-headed, arrogant elitists.
Enron's executives sold the lot of us (including this magazine, which named Enron's board one of its five "Best" in 2000) on a "vision" of a "new corporate structure," deriding those who questioned it.
In an understandable paradox, he promoted the cause of his beloved monsters by arguing that they weren't really all that dangerous, deriding descriptions of their apocalyptic consequences as "dangerous myth" and citing the "fact" that streetcars were running in Hiroshima within three days of the first bomb--an utter canard (it actually took three months for mass transit to begin moving amid the nuclear ruins).
It follows complaints about his "abusive and deriding behaviour" while off duty.
As a columnist for The Washington Post, he defended Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas against feminist critics, deriding Anita Hill's sexual-harassment charges.