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  • verb

Synonyms for deride

Synonyms for deride

to make fun or make fun of

Words related to deride

treat or speak of with contempt

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Margao (Goa) [India], Feb 26 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Meenakshi Lekhi has accused national convener of the Congress' social media department Hasiba Amin of running a Whatsapp political group consisting five Pakistanis who deride Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
"The song is in bad taste as it generalises the acts of a few individuals to malign and deride a whole community in the most foul language.
(They talk it over, and decide someday, but certainly not yet.) Mia's new English teacher doesn't like her writing style (a sly dig here at those who deride the importance of popular culture), and she thinks she's already failing geometry, after just a few days.
Conservative hosts and callers regularly deride modern art as a scare and dismiss artists as frivolous, elitist, immoral, sacrilegious, and anti-American.
Reports from the site deride companies such as Alcoa, American Electric PouTer, ConocoPhillips, General Electric and Marathon Oil for lack of foresight on issues of climate change.
Perceiving Heck as a challenger to her leadership, Armstrong rarely missed an opportunity to deride Heck in her letters to the heads of the boards.
AS YOU MAY KNOW, we frequently denounce, deride, and disparage the comics that come in due to their shocking lack of quality.
There is a sweet irony in knowing that a black woman, Aida Walker, was teaching whites a dance form that blacks had created to deride whites.
In architecture, the prize arguably goes to Herzog and de Meuron, whose recent exhibition (AR July 2005) drew an observer to publicly deride their 'incessant inventiveness'.
If only she didn't deride as pathological the delicious sensuality of mothering.
The youth becomes a classical dancer and meets up with street kids who deride his style and talent.
A presidential decree said that anyone who creates or runs a website or uses the Internet to deride or damage the state or its institutions faces imprisonment.
(I've become one of those women we used to deride in Sociology class: pathetic souls who have no life of their own and must live vicariously through their offspring--I think they're called "mothers.") I want my children to do well and to serve God to the best of their abilities in their respective vocations and career paths.
Hanson and Matt Walcoff deride as "junk science" a Department of Justice study that purports to prove that tough U.S.