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make free from restrictions

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Currently and up to the end of September, beef and dairy producers, in consultation with local animal health officials, are able to obtain a partial derestriction of their holdings for animals which test negatively for TB.
(6.) Books and reports must be approved by all member countries prior to derestriction and publication,,2340,en_2649_201185_2068050_1_1_1_1,00.html #public.
A similar pilot scheme for derestriction in Liverpool, was axed last year after it caused traffic chaos.
Look for the footpath sign close to the speed derestriction sign which should be ignored.
Derestriction of goods and services markets, based upon new legislation, interventions of the Anti-trust Authority (Autorita Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) and large privatisations accompanied labour market reform.
Foreign direct investment induced by market derestriction has been a catalyst for the diffusion of process and product innovations.
In contrast, the expansion of consumer credits, which in 1995 had been fuelled by consumer credit derestriction and the suspension of the stamp tax, lost some momentum during 1996 and the first quarter of 1997, the year-on-year growth of 44 per cent in December 1995 easing to 25 per cent in March 1997.
Greater emphasis is now put on derestriction and privatisation of state monopolies in order to inject greater competition and promote efficiency.
In the matter of selective immigration, the three-circle model set out in the Federal Council's "Report on policy with regard to foreigners and refugees" (May 1991) establishes, in the inner circle, a derestriction of movements of persons from EFTA and EC countries.
History has shown that over restriction brings decline, whilst derestriction brings prosperity.
ON BEHALF of myself and fellow Hackney Cab drivers, we wouldlike to place on record,our profound appreciation of those members of parliament who supported our campaign against derestriction of the taxicab trade.
The supply of atypical work contracts has increased further, notably in the retail sector, where employment by large retailers has increased with the derestriction of opening hours and the right to extend part-time employment contracts.
In the banking sector, for example, efficiency gains made employers more inclined to grant generous pay increases.(45) Foreign direct investment attracted by market derestriction has been a catalyst for the diffusion of process and product innovations.(46) In banking alone, such investment amounted to 1.5 per cent of GDP a year, on average, in the 1986-92 period.
STEPHEN DIXON, Redcar * * * * * * IT is with great concern that I learned of the Government's proposed derestriction of Sure Start funding.