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make free from restrictions

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You'd be mad to approach the limit, even on a derestricted stretch of dry, traffic free autobahn, of course.
With a top speed of 142mph, it's not about to be found wanting on anything but the most ruthless section of derestricted autobahn either.
Promenaders along the bay walk have gotten used to the smell of gas fumes and noise pollution from derestricted motorcycle exhaust pipes.
This latter mechanism will be a key driver of medium-term value in North East city centres as developers take advantage of a derestricted planning framework for converting offices to residential use, effectively removing the bottom end from the market.
The extra horsepower and torque allows the Edition 507 to reach 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds (4.3 seconds for the Estate) and thanks to the AMG Drivers Package, which derestricts the top speed, powers on up to an electronically limited top speed of 174 mph.
Over all kinds of roads, the plush model maintained its refined, upmarket air and felt relaxed as it cruised at 100mph on the derestricted autobahn.
The resultant 2.8-litre V6, turbocharged, four-wheel-drive Insignia is a very quick car indeed - a point ably demonstrated as it whisked down the derestricted autobahn near Frankfurt on its recent launch.
(14) While most of the South Fore region was 'derestricted' by late 1958, much of the vast area to the east remained 'uncontrolled' well into the 1960s.
"The bike had been derestricted (a speed restricter had been removed) and he should not have been riding it, so hopefully this will stop other people doing the same thing.
The ample-sized compact SUV didn't display any significant sign of lurching - even at derestricted speeds on rural, twisty routes.
On 18 July 1996, the General Council had agreed to make more information about WTO activities available publicly and decided that public information, including derestricted WTO documents, would be accessible online." Ibid.
"Assessments should be carried out on trunk roads such as the A9 to see if parts can be derestricted to allow lorries to travel at 50mph rather than 40mph."
Myers, whose team of six vets have dedicated "a huge amount of effort" to dealing with the outbreak, said: "In excess of 300 horses were restricted in County Kildare, and only last week a large number became derestricted because they are over the 90 days' exposure."
AUNLESS there were cones out and signs telling you not to park, you were within your rights to leave the car in a derestricted residential road.