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"As such, this deregulatory measure that has been delivered with the support of the Department of Economic Development (DED), complements many of our other initiatives to provide much-needed impetus to the industry, based on the landmark economic stimulus initiative launched by the visionary leadership of Dubai earlier this year to make it easier to operate and grow a business in Dubai.
"The regulators are thinly staffed near the top, so having to respond to antagonistic lawmakers will slow down their deregulatory work," he said.
(10) Of course, there are both legal and political costs associated with these types of deregulatory actions.
Americans for Financial Reform stated that the bill is "fundamentally misconceived: while its proponents claim to be focused on the needs of small community banks, the substance of the bill reads more like a deregulatory wish list for big banks and other large financial players."
Solid job growth both at the national level and in states that have defied the right's tax-cutting, deregulatory orthodoxy is a big problem for conservatives
The study also claims the Government mistakenly counted as its biggest deregulatory success a decision by the Department for Work and Pensions to change the way that private pension providers account for inflation.
"Speaking from the insolvency profession's perspective, we have seen 'deregulatory' ideas proposed by the Government that would actually add to the regulatory burden of the UK's insolvency practitioners.
The ability of any private citizen to compete openly in offering information to others has made the Internet one of the greatest deregulatory success stories of all time.
As consumer and labour groups voice growing concern that the TTIP is really a vehicle for big business to further its interests, Garcia-Bercero stressed that the accord "is not and will not be about the deregulatory agenda".
Contributors critique the current framework and propose a range of deregulatory and other "free market" reforms.
Mr Berry said: "It is very difficult for Government to directly support projects on small sites, but it could be doing more to help speed up its deregulatory agenda to help reduce the burden on house builders.
The Law Commission is conducting a wholesale review of taxi law, which will be "fundamentally deregulatory."
By Islamabad, January 31, 2011 (Frontier Star): Petroleum Ministry has finalized the proposal of fixing the petroleum prices on deregulatory basis in the country that will create 7 to 8 rupees difference between the intra-city prices.