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the act of freeing from regulation (especially from governmental regulations)

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There are strong indications that Nigeria may have missed out from the opportunity of deregulating the downstream sector.
Speaking aboutthe potential environmental benefits of the decision, Al Mazroui said that deregulating fuel prices would help decrease fuel consumption and preserve natural resources for future generations.
We do not subscribe to deregulating fare just because the price of petroleum products is deregulated," San Mateo said.
Aturu had sued the Minister of Petroleum Resources and the Attorney General of the Federation, praying for an order restraining the Federal Government from deregulating the downstream sector of the petroleum industry for failing to fix the prices of petroleum products as mandatorily required by the Petroleum Act and the Price Control Act.
Global Banking News-September 5, 2011--PNB calls for deregulating savings bank account(C)2011 ENPublishing -
Supreme Court ruled that the district court abused its discretion in barring USDA from even partially deregulating the crops pending environmental review.
A number of working papers will be presented during the seminar including a working paper to be presented by the Commerce and Industry Ministry titled " Doha's Development Agenda from an Omani Perspective" and another one tiled "the Sultanate's Experience in Deregulating the financial services sector", in addition to a working paper on "The Sultanate's Experiment in Deregulating the Communication Sector" and a working paper on "Settlement of Disputes within the WTO Framework".
However, the tenants argued that the law prohibits landlords from deregulating units, while receiving the tax breaks.
Currently 18 states, along with the District of Columbia, have deregulated or are in the process of deregulating. Six states have suspended, delayed, or repealed the deregulation process.
Deregulating 320 additional routes would boost traffic nearly 63%, the study found.
The Greek government approved guidelines on October 4 to liberalize the electricity and gas markets, after EU officials warned that Greece could miss a deadline for deregulating its energy sector.
The government has made advances in deregulating the downstream since 2000.
Low-cost airlines have grown from zero to 60 since 1994 by taking Southwest's no-frills, short-haul business model and grafting on infinitely variable pricing, aggressive savings from the contemporaneous Internet revolution, and the ripe, Wild West opportunities of a rapidly deregulating and expanding market.
This astonishing series, one of the best pieces of reporting published anywhere this year, makes a convincing case that the FDA, by deregulating a pair of chemicals at the behest of the pharmaceutical lobby, has contributed to the crystal meth epidemic now plaguing rural communities around America.