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Synonyms for derail

Synonyms for derail

cause to run off the tracks

run off or leave the rails


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The railway engineering team has been working to remove derailed coaches from the track in order to restore train service.
The Thal Express was on its way to Multan from Rawalpindi when some of its coaches derailed right after crossing Alluwali railway station on Tuesday afternoon.
On Sep 16, around 20 passengers were injured after nine coaches of Khushhal Express, scheduled from Karachi to Peshawar, derailed near Attock.
This is the second time in the last three months a New Jersey Transit train has derailed. On March 24, an Amtrak Acela train derailed at the same station, and 21 rail tracks had to be closed for the next four day.The derailment was attributed to ageing and deteriorating condition of the rail tracks at North America's busiest train station. 
Kanpur: Passengers on board the Mumbai-Lucknow Lokmanya Tilak Express had a miraculous escape Sunday afternoon after 11 bogies derailed in Unnao, 20km from Kanpur.
He said that it was unclear exactly how many cars carrying propane derailed in the accident.
investigators have determined that 400,000 gallons of oil were lost last month when a train derailed and caught fire in North Dakota, according to a report released Monday.
MADRID -- The last car of a commuter train traveling to a Barcelona suburb has derailed as it arrived at a platform, slightly injuring three passengers, an official has said.
Summary: A freight train transporting chemicals is derailed by a mudslide in the US.
A TRAIN was derailed as flash flooding hit parts of Cumbria yesterday.
AN EAST German regional train struck a car and derailed yesterday, injuring more than 20 people, officials said.
A spokeswoman for the state rail company RENFE said the train derailed shortly before 4pm local time (1400 GMT) near the town of Villada, in the Palencia province.
COVENTRY star Clive Owen and Friends' Jennifer Aniston fail to generate any real chemistry in Derailed, a nasty thriller which is as superfluously tense as it is implausible and violent.
Robin Kellow is among those whose stories have been recreated for the drama, called Derailed.
Meanwhile, members of a government commission investigating the accident said they believe the cars may have derailed in an almost sideway position after its right wheels lifted off the rails and the body became tilted to the left, as no signs of damage were observed on the left rail of the tracks.