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to move something from its natural environment


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the act of pulling up or out

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How is the devastation, the immiseration, the deracination being resisted?
These critics propose mediation (most commonly by urbanization and postcolonial) deracination) as the condition that diminishes the authenticity of a culture.
And, indeed, from this point on it was downhill all the way: the deracination engendered by the homosexual life, his alcoholism grown more and more uncontrollable, the penury consequent upon his having retired nine years before his pension could become effective (at the age of sixty-five),(1) his steadily failing health, the unbearable loneliness following upon the death of his beloved sister Edith - by all this and more he was finally undone beyond the healing ministries of friends, and he died in late June of 1983.
In the next chapter, on exile and deracination, Der fliegende Hollander is seen to lie behind aspects of Joyce's works from Dubliners to Finnegans Wake, with Ulysses and the play Exiles getting the greatest attention.
Jones makes plenty sure that none of the Guthrie's largely white, privileged patrons can walk out of the theatre without making the connection between the pain of deracination at the heart of Walcott's play and the rage of young black people in America's inner cities.
The reality of the former state, i.e., material deracination, was a matter of historical record and difficult to deny.
If the intervening decade of deracination seemed an eminently acceptable compromise to Hill, she was not alone in her assessment.
Along similar lines, Claudia Milian points to the long-standing irreconcilability between Latina/o and Latin American studies, and offers Diaz as a transnational writer who overcomes these divisions by "fashion[ing] hermeneutic turns that disrupt literary conventions in Latin America as well as the United States" ("Latino/a Deracination and the New Latin American Novel," 175).
Quiet interiors and exteriors -- quite at odds with the violence and deracination that echo through the family history -- occasionally melt pleasantly into one another.
Rights of Passage emphasizes its consciousness of deracination and various kinds of dislocation by the way it characteristically uses the rhythmic movement of the poetic line.
The second is prayer, for what is happening in Lebanon is a deracination of Christians." R.Z.
Bahrain's al-Vafa al-Islami stream also on Sunday condemned the al-Akr siege, and underlined, "The Bahraini regime's story about the killing of a policemen in al-Akr village is an excuse to assume the extensive deracination of people as permitted."
War, too, played a pivotal role in the process of deracination and the rise of a philanthropic managerial class.
We see in this the deracination that is central to free trade ideology when it is carried to the limit of its logic.
She continues, "As an embodiment of the losses of Korea's colonial and post-colonial history - the deracination from indigenous language and culture under Japanese imperialism, the loss of autonomy under U.S.