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to move something from its natural environment


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the act of pulling up or out

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such complexities, this notion of deracination carries a surplus of
As her image of Kafka's "Jewish spirit" demonstrates, Susman accepts the association of Jewishness, modernity, and deracination.
One is the tacit deracination of critical theory that seems to have become a dominant trend in Euro-American thought for a number of years.
As Ray Evans has written: 'Bearing the "imprint of the master's control" and testifying to the wearers' deracination, they eradicated one identity and imposed another'.
Man without God is Less Than Man': Political, Domestic and Intellectual Deracination in Evelyn Waugh's Early Novels.
1) We contend that black philosophy should continue to pursue this kind of juxtaposition: an irreverent clash between ensembles of questions dedicated to the status of the subject as a relational being and ensembles of questions dedicated to what are more often thought of as general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, reason, and mind; in the form, specifically, of a clash between questions concerning the always already deracination of blackness and questions, for example, of metaphysics-rather than pursue a line of inquiry that assumes a stable and coherent philosophical vantage point from which a black metaphysics can be imagined.
The final chapter picks up many of the threads developed in earlier ones to consider "Cultural Deracination and Isolation" via novels by Witi Ihimaera, Keri Hulme and Alan Duff.
Emotional trauma, lack of appreciation of the work done by the individual, tension within the family, prolonged emotional stress, loneliness, isolation, deracination, they all shift the mood towards its negative pole, i.
Rehman has critiqued The Murder of Aziz Khan only from the perspective of deracination and alienation.
The Figural Jew traces the representation of the "figure" of the Jew in postwar French philosophy as an emerging metaphor for an ethics of deracination and a politics that refuses exclusivist myths of belonging.
Old Man Travelling," "An Evening Walk," "The Excursion," "The Borderers"--characters who represent, not so much freedom, but a complete deracination from stable home and family life, and who are thereby take on a forced commitment to a "way-wandering life" (The Ruined Cottage 46).
New Zealand's colonial history is one of cultural deracination, land acquisition, clearing, farming and the introduction of invasive species.
HRH the Premier inaugurates (Invest in Bahrain 2012) Forum; asserts Bahraini economy has proven its sturdiness, versatility in the face of security challenges Cabinet stresses the need to combat terrorism relentlessly and to take all the necessary actions for the sake of deracination of terrorism.
Given his weariness of the transience, deracination, and galloping vulgarity of his own culture, the American traditionalist takes pleasure--intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic--in a pilgrimage to Europe.
Bahrain's al-Vafa al-Islami stream has condemned the al-Akr siege, and underlined, "The Bahraini regime's story about the killing of a policeman in al-Akr village is an excuse to assume the extensive deracination of people as permitted.