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Synonyms for deracinate

move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment


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pull up by or as if by the roots

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As with most of the other Founding Fathers, Adams' approach to religion and the tolerance of its practice is often misstated by contemporary critics determined to deracinate the founding of this nation from the fertile soil of belief in the divine.
Not only does this application of the term deracinate its association from the images or icons most of us expect in portal fantasies, it escorts etymology out of sight.
Did this not show that, despite all my argumentation, I had failed to deracinate my childish impulses toward religion?
George Bush's decision to assassinate the Iraqi regime under false pretexts; Paul Bremer's decision to dissolve the Iraqi army and deracinate the Baath party.
Despite decisions to deracinate the No message, race remained the focus of most public discussion about Prop.
Such an aim would be to misrecognize the root of the problem; a critical force and movement that is truly radical strives to deracinate the capitalist system, and its state-form, entirely (Marx, 1978: 60).
The ability of Daesh to lure recruits from an international base and foment extreme ideological anarchy potentially around the world, accelerates the need to deracinate it.
He stressed that his party was an integral part of the Lebanese society that no power will be able to deracinate.
Eliot, whose "homogenous" cultural ideals (in response to charges of anti-Semitism he explained that he wished to exclude only "free-thinking" Jews from his utopia) seem designed to counterbalance the "textual diaspora" of The Waste Land, "in which the writings of the past deracinate themselves and recombine with words of other ages, languages, and authors, in a limitless process of miscegenation.