deputy sheriff

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someone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies

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Shawn Noonan said investigators are trying to figure out what motivated Carbon County Deputy Sheriff David Midas and said they were interviewing co-workers and family members to see whether there were signs of mental illness.
The deputy sheriff suggested that the little girl's older brother, 12, might have taken her out to play and then forgot to bring her back inside or she might have crawled out through the dog flap.
Badawy stated that the safe is in perfect condition following the theft, implying that the deputy sheriff is a suspect.
Penobscot County Deputy Sheriff Troy Morton told the Bangor Daily News that a family returned to their home in Eddington on January 7 and was shocked to find an intruder inside their home.
Googling a runner I Shot The Sheriff 3.30 Southwell I Shot the Sheriff is a song written by Bob Marley, told from the point of view of a man who admits to having killed the local sheriff but claims to be falsely accused of having killed the deputy sheriff. He also claims to have acted in self-defence when the sheriff tried to shoot him.
Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): Steven Seagal has been sworn in as the deputy sheriff of a Texas border town.
When we arrived there Sheriff Lawrence Rainey was already at the station with Deputy Sheriff Cecil Price.
Pearce is a former judge and deputy sheriff who was first elected to the Arizona Senate in 2008, having served in the House since 2000.
He started his law enforcement career as a deputy sheriff and was promoted to sergeant in 1998.
I have been skating for 26 years and have been a deputy sheriff for 15 years.
Americans United filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff's Association v.
As a Deputy Sheriff for 23 years, I sometimes notice things that may or may not be of importance.
They were "a little banged up but all right," a deputy sheriff told the Dispatch.
His descriptions of police forensic investigations plus canvassing techniques result from the author's years working as a deputy sheriff. All 11 of McGarrity's novels are favorites in the genre of regional literature, well written and suspenseful.
But McLennan County's Chief Deputy Sheriff Randy Plemons has told the Echo Mr Kirk has not been arrested.
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