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Synonyms for deputize

stand in for


Synonyms for deputize

appoint as a substitute

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The department--which faces a growing gang problem, and the state's biggest meth trade, not to mention the usual stream of thefts and assaults every city police department can expect--simply lacks the resources, says Farmer, to deputize its cops as immigration officials.
In recent years, UN officials and supporters have spoken of the need to deputize NGOs to serve fact-finding and enforcement missions on behalf of the world body.
Earlier, President Duterte ordered the DOLE to deputize workers' unions and their staff members to help conduct establishments for their compliance of labor laws and standards.
Flynn said he is considering a proposal to deputize volunteers to help inspect shipments.
Pursuant to Section 2 (4), Article IX-C of the Constitution, the COMELEC is empowered to deputize, with the concurrence of the President, law enforcement agencies and instrumentalities of the government, including AFP, for the exclusive purpose of ensuring free, orderly, honest, peaceful, and credible elections, the memorandum order stated.