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Synonyms for deputize

stand in for


Synonyms for deputize

appoint as a substitute

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The deputization of workers' unions is expected to boost the efforts of the existing 525 labor laws compliance officers, who are tasked to inspect 937,554 business establishments in the country.
This deputization effect is exemplified in the actions of the bus driver described at the beginning of this article, although his sense of authorization was undoubtedly influenced by his status as a uniformed City employee.
Investigations: Consequences of the Federal Deputization of Corporate
Long's rejection of deputization depends upon the patently false dichotomy between (1) all just defenses are deputizations and (2) some just defenses are permitted and others are not (Teleological Grammar, 53-4).
In Faulkner's Light in August state power blurs with the quasi-official deputization that warrants Percy Grimm's execution of Joe Christmas under conditions reminiscent of Hose's, particularly Grimm's castration of Christmas and Faulkner's ghastly image of the slaughtered body rising upward on a burst of firey sparks--however fantastic.
The scene then proceeded with the Duke's confiding his plan to the friar, and with the deputization of Angelo.
Any mobilization across agencies will be facilitated by prior communication and coordination on issues such as deputization, (2) licensure, medico-legal responsibility, and payment of wages.
In response to requests from NLC, the Omnibus bill authorizes deputization of state and local law enforcement officers to carry out federal airport duties.
The "bootlegger" interest groups will tend to support this deputization because it adds to the power of their co-belligerents.
Thus the duke insists that the reluctant Angelo accept his deputization by suggesting that he has a moral responsibility to show his virtue in public: "Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, / Not light them for ourselves" (1.