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Synonyms for deputy

Synonyms for deputy

one who stands for another

a person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities

Synonyms for deputy

someone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies

an assistant with power to act when his superior is absent

a member of the lower chamber of a legislative assembly (such as in France)

a person appointed to represent or act on behalf of others


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Sheriff Kettelkamp is very proud of having these new Deputies as part of the law enforcement team in Christian County.
Cities now elect all their deputies citywide, meaning that in the huge Tehran area each voter gets to vote for 30 deputies.
Chairperson and deputies of the Iranian Red Crescent Society
class="MsoNormalIt is thought that, because of this, most governors have found a leeway to sidestep their deputies, who most of them see them as competitors rather than partners, in the running of county affairs.
'The ministers and deputies are very busy and they have a schedule of the times when they should be present in the Dewan Rakyat, especially during the sitting.
The court gave the governors 14 days to nominate deputies and forward the names to their county assemblies for consideration within 60 days.
"This video shows the boldness of the King County Sheriffs Deputies and lack of fear of repercussions in threatening and intimidating an unarmed citizen with excessive use of force," Randall wrote on YouTube.
The title of "deputy" has no constitutional status in the UK and so our list of deputies includes some known as deputy prime minister but others not.
The AK Party got 258 deputies in the election on June 7, but lost power.
The following were selected as chairmen and deputies for OCCI branches at the following Governorates: The Governorate of MusandamHamed bin Mohammed bin Zaman al- Raisi- ChairmanMohammed bin Sulaiman bin Mohammed al- Shihi - Deputy Chairman.
The government has not explained just why this large number of deputy ministers in each ministry or what type of functions these deputies is going to perform.
A Springfield man is fervently disputing an allegation that he interfered with Lane County sheriff's deputies' efforts to disarm and provide first aid to a woman after she had been shot by one of the deputies late Monday night.
Evangelidis decided to expand the program and outfit five cruisers in the Civil Process Division and train eight civil process deputies.
ANKARA, Jul 14, 2011 (TUR) -- Deputies from the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and opposition Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) came together in a meeting in the parliament on Thursday under the chairmanship of Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek.