depth finder

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navigational instrument used to measure the depth of a body of water (as by ultrasound or radar)

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However, just as many a cloud produces no rain, there is no guarantee that fish showing on a depth finder will bite.
Most depth finders will show these temperature bands, especially when the sensitivity is turned up.
It's easy to dial in this depth with a depth finder and then pick the bait that gets there.
Trolling: Determine depth and location of a kokanee school with depth finder, then troll through school with flashers and a worm tipped with a kernel of white corn.
A boat with a depth finder and multiple rod holders helps make trolling a lot more effective.
At that time, only fishing guides and passionate anglers had a depth finder in the boat.
The team might decide on a depth finder, which can send signals through sand but has some of the same limitations as the ground-penetrating radar.
These types of users are operating a lot more than just radar, a radio, and a depth finder - they are running campus-wide IT operations, environmental systems, and equipment that keep their entire organizations afloat.
With a little study of the tides and a quality depth finder you'll be into fish fast.
Use your depth finder to locate inshore hard bottom areas that crabs tend to prefer.