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Synonyms for deprivation

Synonyms for deprivation

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

Synonyms for deprivation

a state of extreme poverty

the disadvantage that results from losing something


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act of depriving someone of food or money or rights

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The uncontrollable and hopeless mass of decomposition so engendered, would have polluted the air, even if poverty and deprivation had not loaded it with their intangible impurities; the two bad sources combined made it almost insupportable.
If my family are at length sensible of the deprivation to which their own conduct has, in the past, exposed them, and now desire to extend the hand of fellowship, let it not be repulsed.
Years of deprivation, of bending toil and then, suddenly, this had come--this miracle symbolized by this piece of paper.
I think the slaves felt the deprivation less than the whites, because the usual diet for slaves was corn bread and pork, and these could be raised on the plantation; but coffee, tea, sugar, and other articles which the whites had been accustomed to use could not be raised on the plantation, and the conditions brought about by the war frequently made it impossible to secure these things.
Ladislaw, to make amends for the deprivation which befell your mother.
At every small deprivation or discomfort which presented itself in the course of the four-and-twenty hours to remind her of her straitened and altered circumstances, peevish visions of her dower of one thousand pounds had arisen before Mrs Nickleby's mind, until, at last, she had come to persuade herself that of all her late husband's creditors she was the worst used and the most to be pitied.
His long-continued tortures and deprivations destroyed him at last, on the third of January.
A significant one is sleep deprivation, whose importance is being overlooked by most researchers (National Sleep Foundation, 2007).
Different forms of sleep deprivation may lead to a decline of cognitive functions in individuals.
Moreover, iron deprivation is already known to enhance the drug susceptibilities of known anti-TB drugs in mycobacteria.
A total of 88 healthy women and men (ages 22-40) participated in one of five laboratory total sleep deprivation experiments.
In this book, authors Pearce and Jackson present readers with a comprehensive examination of the legal justification of deprivation of liberty for those who lack the mental capacity to care for themselves under Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards is an amendment to the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
Sleep deprivation term is used to describe a state caused by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep, Most of the medical students' sleep--wake cycle is characterized by insufficient sleep duration, delayed sleep onset, and occurrence of napping episodes during the day.