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decrease the pressure of

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He was of the view that mining operations at block-II are continuously depressurizing 2nd and 3rd aquifer only to reach target coal depth of 180 meters through the network of 27 dewatering wells installed in the periphery of mine in an area of around 1.5 Km in Block-II.
The main objective of the simulation research is to optimize the internal structure of the depressurizing channel in the streamlined partially pressured injection tool.
The flightcrew subsequently reported depressurizing the airplane after its windshield began cracking.
Reloading of media into the pressure vessel from the storage hopper occurs automatically each time the operator releases the foot pedal depressurizing the vessel.
The bag would keep me from depressurizing too quickly.
While pressurizing and depressurizing to flush hot metal into and out of the pour launder helps, it does not solve the problem.
Depressurizing means deliberately decreasing population sizes and demands on global resources and biospheric impacts (Ehrlich and Ehrlich 1991).
Sextro's team studied an uninhabited house in central California, depressurizing its apparently crack-free basement with a large indoor fan.
Many operators are flaring the blowdown gas while depressurizing the system.
bad weather, unplanned urgent tasks) without depressurizing the pipeline.
It takes high-pressure gas and, in the course of its depressurizing, converts (vortex phenomenon) the inlet gas flow energy into two low pressure streams--cold and hot --which exit the VT separately.
Replacement of the transducers can be accomplished without blocking and depressurizing the line.