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decrease the pressure of

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The cabin crew is always the focus of any such incident involving airline safety but because the tanks were depressurized overnight while parked, that makes it more likely that the culprit was familiar with the airport and had wide access.
"The thing that gets discussed the most is that at the point where the pilot turned the transponder off, that he depressurized the airplane, which would disable the passengers," said Larry Vance, a veteran aircraft investigator from Canada.
Here's the hard part: Walk away and let the canner naturally cool until it has fully depressurized. Do not attempt to speed up cooling, and do not remove the pressure regulator from the vent until the pressure is all the way down.
During the flight he made one spacewalk and one transfer to the Spektr depressurized module.
The EPA had been pressing for annual "three-mode" testing (i.e., measurements during each operational mode that occurs during a reporting period): operating; standby pressurized: and not operating, depressurized.
With a fuel pump failure, low on fuel, depressurized, unable to transmit via radio, and intermittent radio reception, they executed a tower flyby displaying the NORDO signal.
The vessel was depressurized, and the lid was closed.
However, the researchers found that the potential energy stored in the bubbles--equivalent to the total volume of a mixture's bubbles multiplied by the extra pressure placed on the mixture in the chamber--affected the expansion rate of the suddenly depressurized fluid.
The system measures the air pressure and flow into and out of the mold to detect problems such as a blockage in the vent pipe and ensure that the mold is depressurized prior to being opened.
* air volume differential >125 cfm, depending on anteroom airflow direction (i.e., pressurized versus depressurized);
Next, the chest is depressurized, to start the cooling process, water is piped into the chest cavity, and then chilled water is sprayed onto the mold plate.
Inside, the steel container is depressurized so that the different pressure prevents radioactive leakage in the event of an accident.
Instead ships force relied on the clamp that was presently installed on the fairing to prevent the scope from falling when the hydraulic system was depressurized. Once the system was tagged out and depressurized gravity took over and the scope plummeted to the bottom of the scope well.
One passenger, Joao Gaspar, said: "People panicked as we lost altitude quickly and the plane depressurized and jerked about.
At the end of the process, the juice is depressurized and separated from the gas, killing harmful microorganisms.