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decrease the pressure of

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One of Bonfiglioli's systems that detects leakage in pill blister and pouch packaging used blue ink, which was put into the holding chamber and then depressurised. The ink would then seep into any crevices in the blister cavities, identifying faulty product.
"Our next task is to remove the residual oil from inside the depressurised flowline."
The company said the well was shut in on Wednesday and the flowline on the seabed has been isolated and depressurised, considerably reducing the leakage.
The sludge is then depressurised and cooled before being fed into large concrete digesters for the bacterial digestion process to start.
"But with four or five of these hydrants open you are going to have very poor pressure in that area and once the system has been depressurised another danger comes into play: ingress of contaminants into the main.
Prosecutor James Ageros said Timothy and Saul were told the area was depressurised before they started work.
Prosecutor James Ageros said Mr Gossett and Mr Coles were told the area was depressurised before they started work.
US investigators have determined that ground staff covered up an accident in which a vehicle damaged a McDonnell Douglas DC-9's fuselage, and allowed the jet to depart for a flight during which it depressurised. The Northwest Airlines jet was being attended in daylight on the ramp at Syracuse, New York, by Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation personnel ahead of operating a flight to Detroit on 18 May last year.
Jon Smith, Group Commander of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue said: "A cylinder of gas depressurised, there was no actual fire, the gas is inert, which acted like a missile and set off the other cylinders.
Cleveland Police and Stockton Council worked with Northern Gas Network to manage the situation while the gas main was depressurised and repaired.
The crew experienced almost simultaneous fire and smoke warnings, the aircraft depressurised and shortly afterwards exploded.
The ageing Russian-made cargo plane was 45 minutes into an internal flight over the Congo when it depressurised, it emerged yesterday.
When the plane is about to land the cabin is slowly depressurised so the door can be opened for disembarking.
It is currently unclear why the cabin of the Boeing 737 depressurised, reported The Associated Press.