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decrease the pressure of

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Immediately after the impact, the compressed regions rapidly depressurise, exploding violently.
The diving chamber was onboard the ship when it sank, but the divers were inside to avoid having to pressurise and depressurise for dives.
The NTSB has stated that it wishes to make sure that crew members are aware that the aircraft will not automatically depressurise after landing if the pressurisation system is being operated manually.
'If the aircraft did depressurise at that height, literally you wouldn't have time to get an oxygen mask to your face before you passed out from lack of oxygen.' Gene Abdallah of South Dakota Highway Patrol confirmed that the plane had crashed about two miles west of Mina.
When the aircraft reached 6,000ft as it descended into Nino Aquino airport in Manila he then forced the pilot to depressurise the cabin and escaped out of a rear door using a parachute hidden in his hand luggage.
Metal fatigue cracks in a rear cargo door, one 12ins long, caused the Boeing 737 to depressurise. As the 60-year-old captain tried to put on his oxygen mask, it got caught on his glasses and he slumped unconscious.
If the aircraft did depressurise at that height literally you wouldn't have time to get an oxygen mask to your face before you passed out."
The sensor is embedded in the lid of the machine, and it is closed and the chamber is sealed, the machine creates a vacuum and depressurises the chamber.
SEPURA uses a polypropylene filter, which also depressurises the air before removing the majority of oil content, the final stage of filtration is by a carbon filter.