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Synonyms for depressor

any skeletal muscle that draws a body part down

any nerve whose activity tends to reduce the activity or tone of the body part it serves

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a device used by physician to press a part down or aside

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Caption: The ultraviolet lamps that are used in tanning beds are currently deemed to be at the same risk level as adhesive bandages and tongue depressors.
(Answers should include: a doctor's cast cutter; toothpicks, tongue depressors', and steel needles)
* After an extensive epidemiologic investigation of an outbreak of gastric mucormycosis in an intensive care unit, Maravi-Poma et al reported that the cause had been traced to the use of wooden tongue depressors contaminated with R microsporus.(12) The investigators stressed the importance of not using wooden tongue depressors in the ICU.
In those situations, I still may need a tongue depressor. Another trick I have learned is to keep my fifth fingers pressing against the child's cheeks.
there's a company in China, for instance that produces things like tongue depressors and spoons; those kind of small-scale products."
We then use the 9" (23 cm) bowl (or cardboard circle) as a template, and cut a circle using our tongue depressors as a knife.
Popsicle sticks) and their larger cousins, tongue depressors, are handy for all kinds of shop tasks.
Health care is primarily a service, not a nonrenewable resource like minerals or fuels, and while it certainly uses resources to manufacture its CAT-scanners and surgical bandages and tongue depressors, the heaps of used hypodermics left over as medicine does its work aren't the limiting feature we are worrying about.
The number of esteem-enhancing, or success, incidents on the list equaled the number of esteem depressors, or failure situations.
If the child cannot keep his mouth open, use a mouth prop--for example, three or four tongue depressors taped together, a rolled-up moistened washcloth or a rubber doorstop.
Some of those products include tongue depressors, crutches, pharmaceuticals and wheelchairs.
Craft supply stores carry the paint and other materials you'll need to decorate the insects' bodies and appendages: construction paper, giftwrap, and frosted acetate for wings; assorted knickknacks such as styrene foam balls, wooden buttons, tongue depressors, pins, and pipe cleaners for other body parts.
Until 1988 differential flotation of the galena was carried out in this plant using ZnS[O.sub.4] and NaCN as depressors. After flotability tests were carried out on pure minerals as well as on samples of the ore, the industrial application of the FeS[O.sub.4/NaCN] combination was introduced in February 1988.