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someone suffering psychological depression

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Other recent studies show that within two years of starting lithium treatment, about 40 percent of manic depressives experience a new episode of mania, says William Z.
At the final follow-up, 12 of 35 manic depressives functioned well and generally lacked the psychiatric symptoms that had led to their hospitalization.
Individuals with mild mood swings or with manic depressive relatives tend to express their creative potential in different ways, explain the researchers in the August JOURNAL OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY.
Four years after discharge, the lithium-treated manic patients--most of whom were later found to be manic depressives -- were doing significantly worse than the depressed subjects, who took other medications.
Most winter depressives examined atNIMH ride a seasonal pendulum, becoming agitated, gregarious and impulsive in the spring and summer (SN: 3/8/86, p.152).
Manic depressive men, however, were about as extroverted as the controls.
But at the same time, there is no denying that "Lincoln had major depressive episodes." Lincoln himself frequently described his own "misery," especially during the perfect mental storm he suffered in the early 1840s from the collapse of his first political career and his multiple romantic disappointments.