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Synonyms for depressing

Synonyms for depressing

tending to cause sadness or low spirits

Synonyms for depressing

causing sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy

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The tiny entry area in this Seattle house was depressingly cramped.
Fresh allegations against Dustin Hoffman are depressingly familiar, a woman telling of enduring vile behaviour as a teenager.
DEATHS in the workplace are a depressingly regular occurrence - and deserve the closest of official scrutiny.
THIS look at the rise and fall of one of America's most-feared - and misunderstood - black power groups proves to be both absorbing and depressingly timely.
2 MOTHERWELL suffered a depressingly familiar Europa League defeat at Fir Park as Ivelin Popov's second-half double gave them a mountain to climb in Russia next week.
These vested interests always complain with depressingly predictable outrage about every change to a system which is failing" - Chancellor George Osborne defends the benefits reforms.
And, depressingly, what hope for the young people themselves if no-one is prepared to give them a chance to redeem themselves?
IT is depressingly inevitable that a look at the letters page of The Journal in the days following a demo such as the TUC anti-cuts march on Saturday will throw up any number of misinformed, lazy, ignorant stereotypes and plain untruths, and this week has proved no different.
DAVID JAMES kicked off life in the Championship - with a depressingly familiar defeat.
Depressingly bland US comedy, despite the best attempts of Keaton and Lynch with Bledel struggling to find work while coming to realise her best pal loves her.
The result was depressingly predictable as goals from Christopher Samba and Roque Santa Cruz arrived in the first half.
THE news of two further fatal stabbings over the weekend has a depressingly familiar ring about it.
And it can only, depressingly, encourage the popularity of the ridiculous language of the kids who talk like Ali G.
It is a depressingly common experience: "Please hold, all of our operators are busy, your call is important to us.